CS193p Notes - Lecture 11: Picker

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  • var description: String { ... } can be used to define what the variable is going to show when printed. Struct needs to also function like CustomStringConvertible to this work


struct FilterFlights: View {
  @Binding var flightSearch: FlightSearch
  @Binding var isPresented: Bool

  // applies filters only when leaving the sheet
  @State private var draft: FlightSearch

  init(flightSearch: Binding<FlightSearch>, isPresented: Binding<Bool>) {
    _flightSearch = flightSearch
    _isPresented = isPresented
    _draft = State(wrappedValue: flightSearch.wrappedValue)
  • Picker(...) takes 3 parameters: label, selection (binding to the thing where selected value is saved), and the views (you provide a bunch of views to choose from
    • Add .tag(...) to the view that's clicked because this line will then update second argument to be what value is inside tag
    • Looks much better when Picker is put inside Form
      • Form needs to be inside NavigationView to make it clickable


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