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Manage your time - Using this Appointment Scheduling widget

They say: Time is the longest distance between two places.

Well I will agree with this at some point yes. Now Imagine this scenario with all the working home staff you happen to get a remote job but the company is in different time zone with your place how do you handle such situation?

Personally I have lost in lots of events due to time barrier, I will get an early invite but will not be able to sync the event with my calendar, but that was back then.

Now with change in technology and inventions companies have developed different ways to help people manage their schedules and appointments.

In this article we will see how to work with Spurwing Scheduling API. As mentioned earlier managing office employee to meet can be little bit complicated and some times also lead to delays which may result to loses, but that won't be a problem after we are done.
Let's get Started:

Let's agree with some real world reality: Remote work is here to stay, and with this lot's of meeting will be held online despite difference in time zones but with the right tool that should not be a problem.
A Scheduling API can bring time management to your team so that it will seem like you're always in the same room together.

More Details:


The API is an open-source project meaning, you can change it to completely suit your needs the way you want it to. It can be built to match your brand with no mention of the company behind the system so clients will see it as your system.

By using an API service to manage all second-class objects across multiple calendar platforms everything smooths out significantly. This is how:

  • Managing different calendar platforms becomes almost effortless
  • Less resources are used
  • Work is done much faster.

Time zone
You won't have to worry about the difference in time zone any more. This API will help by giving the correct time for everybody depending on their specific time zone keeping everything synced in together, Incase of update or changes it automatically syncs to the calendar hence real time updating.

Reasons Why you need A Scheduling API in your Office:

  1. Help increase staff productivity

Research shows that an average call to book/schedule an appointment takes between 7-8 minutes, this leads to time wastage implement an online automated system to help improve productivity.

  1. Reduce office distractions This is mainly by reducing the amount of time people will have to spend on calls to confirm different schedules and appointments, change this by synching it all to the calendars.
  2. Maintain all client information in one place.
  3. Keep track of scheduling of multiple staff members with various services in several locations.
  4. Allow clients to maintain choice in who they are seeing during their appointment.


As the saying goes: Time waits for no one, Let's change that and get to those meetups on time. Make use of the API for greater productivity.
They API has a documentation on how to get started or you can also get started with their ready SDKs made by:

Visit the site for detailed info HERE

It is an open source project, this means there is a community always ready to offer help when needed.

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Enjoy Coding ❤.

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