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Discussion on: How do you finish your projects?

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Lasitha Denipitiya

I'm pretty much sure that more than half of the devs commented here went in a similar phase as you do. Even I still have that effect but it gives me more options than before.


in 2016 after I graduated and wanted to start from scratch on my own, lots, and lots of points to consider, and had to do it fast but soon I realized that I'm not going anywhere and this happened.
archiving -> deleting -> recreating

so without leaving that circle completely I started getting some small portions from all of the stages into a giant document and worked from that. after months of time doing with the project (creating -> updating -> deleting -> recreating) I simply started to understand the core and internal workings and got a transcript of all the bits and pieces which I had to touch in each step.

looking back the past years with a similar dev lifecycle, I don't think that it is a full waste of time but to some extent an investment (I mean it depends from one dev to another but for me it is.)


It is really nice to have an open discussion of the most stressed questions among devs. just like Keith Charles commented here are things I hope that I had 4 years back.

  1. Think like you're using the app
  2. Talk it out in the public (, discord, LinkedIn etc).
  3. Blog your way so that others will find it easy to navigate in similar situations.
  4. Be kind to think from the end-users' perspective.