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re: Being disrespected 🤬 / ignored 😶 in an IT job. What do you do? VIEW POST

re: I can see there are lots of people here who haven't read a single word I've writen. You, for example.

I have read your post. I am addressing the glaring issue that it presents. This is not an attack on your person-hood. This is a truth that all new professionals must learn no mater the industry.

And that's why I learned my job, and started selling my services, and started teaching other people and giving conferences and writing guides/tutorials, because when you've already learned then you start teaching.

Please ignore these trolls, if they're not banned yet for COC violation they will be soon. They have no idea what they're talking about and have no business giving any feedback.

Thank you, Steve. I've came across this kind of comments more often than I'd like, I guess people can't realize this is not another sh*tty forum/page where talking nonsense is not punishable.

I hope it is punishable, otherwise this place will become a chan for devs which would be awful.

Stay positive and stay awesome.

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Learning to be a professional is difficult work. In the age of the internet everyone thinks they are one tut away from glory. Gladwell's idea of a minimum of 10,000 hours to master a topic, is alive now more then ever. Is reminding a self taught dev with 3 years experience that they are a junior and have a lot to learn trolling? Certainly not. Does the COC state that we must fuel fantasies with even more illusion of grandeur, no.

Do not treat my experience, work and projects as an "ilusion" never again.

I'm certainly not. I'm sure that you've done very good work in this early stage of your career. My point to you and to the other people on this thread is that it takes a very long time to become proficient or expert in any field. And that believing you are further along in your path than you are can be very dangerous. It can cause someone to lead others astray with false ideas. it can also cause someone to shut the door on criticism and critique because they believe they are beyond those things. I'm a very busy person and I take time out of my day to respond to these posts not because I'm some kind of troll, but because I want to grow the industry and correct some of the fallacies that I see within it.

Sorry that you've wasted your time on this thread because the fact is everything you've said applies to all levels of experience. Time and experience do not open the mind and improve people unless they possess a growth mindset, which is something a beginner can excel at. You're going to have to work harder to demonstrate your view and prove your point.

With all due respect sir I don't have to prove anything. But I do appreciate your input

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