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Gift Egwuenu

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Nevertheless, Gift Continues to Thrive in 2022

I have written a SheCoded post every year since 2018. I always like to come back to them on this day to see how much progress I've made with my tech career.

Throughout my career in tech, I have had to proof myself in some way, and all withstanding the imposter syndrome I struggle with when taking on new challenges but I'm still here thriving.

My biggest achievement this year is switching gears and starting a new career in Developer Relations.

I now work as a Developer Advocate at a great company and this is just a start to the great things I will do this year.

My goal is to continue to be my best self, share the work I do and advocate for other women like myself in the industry.

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. -- Michelle Obama.

Let's keep breaking the bias!

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silviaespanagil profile image
Silvia España Gil

For many and many more years!

anuradhakumari profile image

yess, you are doing amazing Gift, keep on inspiring us all ❤️❤️❤️

marissab profile image
Marissa B

It's cool reading those through the years from one person. Awesome job! What does your new gig entail? I've heard of patient advocates and social advocates, but not developer advocates. That sounds interesting.