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Nevertheless, Egwuenu Gift Coded

I continued to code in 2019 because...

Ever since I started my career as a software developer I've seen a lot of growth as time goes on and this makes me so happy plus the fact that I love the job I'm currently doing and I've met some amazing people. This motivates me to keep pushing and do greater things for me and for my community.

I deserve credit for ...

Keeping it together and breaking the stereotype that says women can't do tech. Yes, we can and we are amazing at what we do!

I hope to see my work and tech community...

Grow so fast that its impact will be seen around the whole world. I'm currently a chapter leader for Vue Vixens in Lagos, Nigeria a community of women that are interested in learning Vuejs. I hope to get a lot of women in my local community to be a part of this initiative.

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Amara Graham

Loving your job and meeting amazing people is awesome!