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Discussion on: Understanding Time Complexity with the First Puzzle of Advent of Code

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Laura Vuorenoja

Yes, I mean that I use the map structure instead of set (I think go does not have sets 🤔 ). Let me paste here my pseudolike code:

func findValue: int
  cache := new key-value-storage
  for line = read-next-line from file:
    nbr := convert line to nbr
    want := 2020 - nbr
    if cache[want]:
      return want * nbr
    cache[nbr] = nbr
  return 0
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So I mean "saving to a map" this line cache[nbr] = nbr. Of course the value could be anything, only the key counts ☺️

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Anniina Sallinen Author • Edited

Ohh yeah now I see 😊