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re: Being disrespected 🤬 / ignored 😶 in an IT job. What do you do? VIEW POST


I'm going through this exact same thing - I'm also getting this disrespect, whilst also detecting insecure people on the team. For example whenever I suggest a better/quicker way of doing something in a really low-key polite way, it's like others hear me saying "you're doing this wrong."

These companies have flat out refused to implement best practices I've suggested, and they're not really even my suggestions, it's basic stuff like using story points for user stories so that we can deploy on time, wanting to use E2E testing, using Docker to get environment parity, investing in a device testing suite or Browserstack to fix all the responsive bugs from a mobile-last design approach.

I've also never had a complaint about my code quality, or work ethic, and as long as the deadline is a possible I always hit it - it just seems to be insecurity to me. I think I get singled out as a trouble maker for being a positive disruptor, and having professional boundaries, i.e. I will take my hour lunch break to ensure I'm not making silly mistakes from tiredness, and I dislike presenteeism, as I'd rather spend those extra hours studying so I can learn to do the next set of tasks quicker and with better tooling for example. This is seen as a big black mark against my name, whereas GOOD companies I've worked for have encouraged it and it's been the norm across the team.

I agree the best way is to keep moving around until you find somewhere, I've worked for some great teams with no ego, and I continue to hope there are others out there like that. Thank you for this article I feel less alone, best of luck to you in your search!

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