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If you can deal with Windows, why not use a Windows machine? To me, the pricing on the Macs includes the fact that it runs Mac OS (without the hackintosh hassle), and that's my preferred OS, so it isn't overpriced.

If you want a Mac and are price sensitive, consider going with an Apple refurbished one. My current MBP (2014) was a refurbished one from earlier in the year. I couldn't tell it was refurbished. Other than the price, it was essentially a new machine.


It's a combination of factors: the prices, the issues, the lack of expandability and so on.

I haven't decided yet, I wanted to note the difference between similar configurations and start a discussion.

My current Mac is refurbished as well, refurbished Macs are a possible option, you're right. Thanks for reminding me :)

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