Second-ever hackathon experience

leanminmachine on March 16, 2019

Took part in a hackathon! Over the last weekend, I took part in a hackathon called HackRU at Rugters University, over at New Jersey. A... [Read Full]
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Hackathons are nice, but if you are in for to 'win' you got to get together with the right people vs non-coders. In my experience you need a thinker/entrepreneur/visionary and a good coder , and then the pitch'er if you combine all those 3 in a group, you are very well off to good start.

Agree that its nice to go to hackatons and meet other people etc, but some of those people are competitive and want exposure for the work they do.

At least that's my take on bigger hackatons.


The entrepreneur guy can do the pitch too, no? Haha, a designer would be great too so that the coder can focus on feature implementation.

I'm debating whether to go with my friends for the next hackathon or just go alone and try to find a team there. The hackathon that i went to -- most of the people seemed to form teams within their own friend groups.


I think its good to go with friends to support you and maybe mix up a bit ?

At last hackaton I meet 3 cool guys 3 devs and been friends with them ever since. Also we code together from time to time on some random ideas.


Hackathons are amazing. The last hackathon I took part, I was a solo programmer just like you and I learned a LOT of stuff. It's crazy what you can do when you're "under pressure"!


An app using React Native (I had never used it before, now I use it all the time). You could take pictures from irregular streetlamps and send them to a web dashboard where you could have a more general view of everything. It was quite cool and a really fun experience

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