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How to solve Git issues on renaming files and folder

Many of you might got nightmares due to file rename issues in git. Recently I encountered one issue, everything works locally but repeatedly my circle CI throwing error as file not found while transpilling JSX.

the filename was NavBar and I renamed it to Navbar everywhere in recent git commits. I didn’t noticed the mismatch in name, it takes a while for me to get to the root of the issue.

This is how I solved it, there might be other better solutions but this worked for me.

# Rename the file once again from Navbar to NavBar (basically revert back to original file name)
git mv NavBar.jsx Navbar.jsx
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This solution can be applied to folder name change as well. For folders,

git mv ./NavBar ./Navbar
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Hope this helps you to learn the trick about git move command 🤗

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