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I believe you use TypeScript with NodeJs as well. What do you use to start a new project with those technologies? The only things I can find are either too simple (one TS file and a package.json, I know how to do it) or too complex (something made by a TypeScript Starter that has too many files and tools for a beginner).

If you, for some reason, don't use TypeScript with NodeJs, then why not?


You don't need to use TypeScript with NodeJS, it is just an option. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which enables features like static type checking. I generally just start these myself and don't use a specific tool, with one main TypeScript file that imports other classes/functions etc.

I do use TypeScript with some projects, I just haven't on my open-source stuff because I needed to write them quick and TypeScript has a fair amount of setup compared.


I know that it is not necessary, but it is easier for me given my Java background. I think TypeScript is a fascinating language, so I would like to use it as much as possible.
Thank you for the answer!

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