I'm a full stack web developer. Ask Me Anything!

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I'm a full stack web developer, specialising in the following technologies:


  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • NodeJS
  • Redis
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Sysadmin
  • nGinx


  • HTML/CSS etc.
  • Javascript
  • VueJs
  • TypeScript
  • Single Page Applications

Ask me anything!


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What do you think about elm vs typescript thing? is anyone gonna die sooner?

And since you're into fullstack, do ever you think js lacks something? or is there any chance for html/css to get replaced one day?


I personally dislike the syntax of Elm, TypeScript is my preference.

I think that the only thing JavaScript might lack is the static types. Adding it would kind of make TypeScript obsolete, but I think if JavaScript had strict types I would use that instead.

I don't think HTML or CSS is going away, any time soon.


I agree with everything you said, and I really feel JS creators are really doing too much hard work to ignore all these thoughts of JS devs :(

It's like every developer is begging for the native support of JS typing !

While it might be a while until script types are available in JavaScript, it will be much better when all browsers implement the modern ES6 standard. Meaning we can write valid ES6 code, without transpiling it down to ES5.

Yeah, you're right... actually, we wrote an app in Vue, and we never needed to transpile for most of our users.

Here: github.com/coretabs-academy/websit...

Until we knew Safari isn't supporting ES6 (all iphone, OSX, and iPad users complained) so we added babel then.

This gave me very positive impression of how JS is getting adopted faster than any other langs.


I believe you use TypeScript with NodeJs as well. What do you use to start a new project with those technologies? The only things I can find are either too simple (one TS file and a package.json, I know how to do it) or too complex (something made by a TypeScript Starter that has too many files and tools for a beginner).

If you, for some reason, don't use TypeScript with NodeJs, then why not?


You don't need to use TypeScript with NodeJS, it is just an option. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which enables features like static type checking. I generally just start these myself and don't use a specific tool, with one main TypeScript file that imports other classes/functions etc.

I do use TypeScript with some projects, I just haven't on my open-source stuff because I needed to write them quick and TypeScript has a fair amount of setup compared.


I know that it is not necessary, but it is easier for me given my Java background. I think TypeScript is a fascinating language, so I would like to use it as much as possible.
Thank you for the answer!


How VueJs and Vuex compared to Angular 6 and React in perspective to Enterprise Solution ?


I personally think that all three of the above (VueJS, Angular and React) can be used for enterprise solutions. I just think it comes down to preference really. At the end of the day, the framework is just the infrastructure of the application. All of the business logic is framework agnostic.


In your experience, what are the major troubles (pain points) when dealing with a PHP API & MySQL/MariaDB combo?


I don't seem to have too many problems with using MySQL/MariaDB with PHP. Actually, I think it works quite nice. I tend to have more troubles when using something like MongoDB and PHP.


Interesting. In my case, I would say it's the opposite.


I don't think a project can be considered as "done". They always seem to grow and develop into larger and more complex systems.

"Done" is more of a term used when all of the tasks for that specific release have been completed.


only a turkey can be done, says my 86 year old Grampa ;)


I would like to be a front end developer and i dont even know where to begin.


Is it still "specializing" when you're doing everything?


Yes, there are far more technologies out there than the stack I specialise in. Those frameworks are mainly centred around the PHP community, but there are plenty of others. Python, Ruby, .NET etc.


As a Vue.js fan here, what sold you on that specific framework having a bazillion others to choose?


I think the fact that it's not difficult to learn compared to other frameworks. With Angular there is a steep learning curve and you need to do lots to get something simple done. With React, I'm not a massive fan of templates within JavaScript files. With Vue it seems like a nice in-between. Separation of templates and javascript code (with .vue files) and very simple to learn


How do you feel about Eloquent as well as Collections in Laravel? I'm not a fan. Also more importantly, how many Lowe's could Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowe's?


Eloquent is probably one of the most powerful features of Laravel. It’s good, to an extent. I think that people certainly over use it and add business logic into models, but they should instead go into separate classes. I also don’t think that eloquent models should be used directly, instead they should be handled by repositories. The one thing I do like eloquent for is the relationships and the query scopes.

With collections, I find these useful from time to time - depending upon my use case. If I need to do some complicated operations on an array of data, filtering and sorting it is easier and clearer for any other developers to know what is happening.

I think it all comes down to personal preference and using the right tool for the use case.


How did you learn system design?

What are the similar alternative for Heroku, App engine ?


I started learning online using tutorials. Then after a while, I moved onto looking at projects on GitHub and just figuring out how they work. You can learn a great deal if you try to re-create a project.

I haven't really used Heroku, I just tend to prefer managing things myself using DigitalOcean of AWS.


How do you stay updated about new technologies in the industry?


Mainly through looking at popular projects on GitHub and speaking with other developers. Find out what they are using, why they like it and give it a go.

Then if I also like it, help the community by sharing it around :)


What do you think about my unfinished website? (Even though it says Im a full stack developer, thats my goal actually :) )


Quite good. Instead of ambiguously telling about your goals in the headings , put them in the about section.

I think you should be using github pages or netlify which have a much better free plan than 000webhost .


Thanks. I'm not actually gonna start sharing my website until I lewrn what it takes to be a full stack web developer :)

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Hello!! I'm a begginer in angular 7..I have also skill in PHP MySqli,,But can't find any way How to connect database by PHP mySQli with angular environment..

Please give me a ready PHP CRUD API.

Tell me how it work with angular 7 with example.

Please reply as soon as possible.