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re: I am so tired of seeing posts like this with no solutions. Yes yarn. Yes pnpm. Yes IMS. Yes . They exist. They are not a solution. They are an alte...

I'm sorry If I sounded conceited or put Java and C# over JavaScript in any part of my text, it was not the intention, it was just that I had experience with these three languages mainly and it sounded to me a good idea to compare the various ideas around dependency management and, in the end, Java and C# indeed looks better for me in this front, but it is just my opinion and you can disagree with it. I think it is important to look around and see what we have already made regarding one problem and use the solution if we see fit and not create this environment of rivalry between languages and communities and reinvent the wheel just to do something different from language X or framework Y. That's what it sounds while reading your comment, sorry if it is not what you intended.

You say that we should audit what we use, but audit can only go so far in my point of view. I can audit the dependencies of my project, meaning that I will try to have as little dependencies as possible, pick only the ones that do just what I want them to do etc. But it is the job of the developer of the library to audit its own code. Downloading a dependency is a signal that we trust and believe that that library will do its job in an efficient way, without security risks. We assume that they are well maintained, if we have to audit the entire code of each library we use, it is better implement ourselves.

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