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re: So, without reading other comments, let me add my two cents... I've done a quick check on a typical microservice at work. I got 200MB and 19k file...

The memes were just to lighten the mood, I wrote the text based on personal experiences and struggles with node_module in 2018, so it really need to improve, indeed. I've never came across the situation where libraries really needed different versions in Java, the language I have most experience, since developers generally take care to make new versions with backward compatibility. Using well constructed libraries you can use the latest version and don't worry about other libraries dependent of that one that may eventually need an old feature. If you experienced the situation of conflict in Java the library you were using was probably not well maintained. Java is full object-oriented and fully takes advantage of its features to build a healthy dependency management system.


The dependency problem has zero to do with OO and all to do with module isolation. In Java, your dependencies are simply "I have this package accessible and can import it". If foo.bar.Baz is on your path, you can import it, that's it. But where you import it from makes no difference, and so you can't have foo.bar v1 and v2 in the same project unless they took care themselves of using different package names.

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