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Discussion on: What was your worst experience with a programming language?

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Good one ... I've never used Scala, but I worked with a guy who was 'forced' to use it at one of his previous employers, and he said that not only Scala sucked but all of his colleagues there who used it sucked as well, it seemed to promote an uber-nerdy culture of "how can we do this in the most arcane and complicated way" - their usage of Scala meant that they were solving the most trivial and braindead problems in the most complex way possible. As said I haven't used it myself but I saw some Scala syntax (type definitions) and quickly decided that this wasn't for me ...

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I don't necessarily think that Scala sucks, because it's actually very powerful and, as far as I know, used in some computationally heavy tasks, but my problem was that every learning source assumed I had far more knowledge about the language and about functional programming, which was not my case... But it's a future project to really learn, just to not be beaten by a programming language!

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I have no hands on experience with Scala, my post was mainly based on the ex-colleague's experiences. I do believe however that it's one of the more complex programming languages, the type system is complicated and very arcane. It's also not a pure FP language, it's an OO/FP hybrid, two paradigms in one, that's probably not making it any easier. Some bigger companies love it though, apparently it isn't the worst choice if you want a 'corporate' job.