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re: Sure. It may not be in as popular demand as the other techs on the list, but you can definitely increase your salary by learning Apache Spark. From...

Thanks! I'm a self-employed freelance web dev however, so that probably makes my situation slightly different. But maybe it's something that I could utilize in one of my future projects, or add to my resume to attract (more/better) clients.

Then again, there's already a mountain of interesting technologies that I want to look at (at the moment I'm looking at Blockstack and dApps, pretty cool), the problem is there are only 24 hours in a day.

But I'll definitely keep Spark at the back of my mind.

I work in a shop that is heavily php based and we build a lot of reports. Query dB, do some mapping and spew out some bespoke report for different arms of the business. Sometimes the task is so long that we end up writing php logic that becomes difficult and boring to maintain and resource intensive. Apache spark can handle this with a simpler codes. I do hate building complex reports in PHP and the bulk of the task is looping and mapping and reducing.

Well that's interesting, puts a different perspective on things. Apache Spark and Kafka aren't things you hear a lot about and seem to be a bit outside of the mainstream so it's interesting to hear about it.

For a project which I'm currently doing I'll need to implement something like full text search (or at least powerful multidimensional search) but I guess there are other technologies that are more suitable for that than Spark/Kafka.

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