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Discussion on: What does "educated" really mean?

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leob • Edited

Thank you! and thanks for writing a thought-provoking blog article.

I could go on a bit if I may.

Great education provides a sense of awe at the beauty of our natural and cultural world. It awakes an eagerness to know more, and to explore. Great education does not however consist of rote memorization, drilling or boring facts.

Great education also provides "tools" to survive and thrive in our modern society - call it literacy (linguistic, mathematic, social, digital, financial/fiscal).

But above all education teaches about empathy and respect - no matter how different we are, how different we look, think, behave or act. This is the foundation for a healthy and peaceful society which is able to control and deal with undesired phenomena like bullying, crime and abuse. Individually we are nothing, collectively we can do miracles (as Covid-19 shows).

(I do realize that I might be a tad over-ambitious here, and over-optimistic at the actual possibilities, especially when you look at how understaffed many schools are, and how underpaid their teachers)