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Discussion on: Vanilla JavaScript vs. RxJs

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Felix Wittmann

you can add a tap function?

The fromFetch function, which I think creates a complete event on the observable after the fetch? But I have not used it myself yet. It's been a while since I used RXJS regularly. And otherwise rather directly from Angular. There you normally use the HttpClient from angular.

oh, and if I see it right, is the subscribe not on the fromEvent observable?

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Riccardo Odone Author

Hey Felix. I'm not sure I understand the comment.

As long as I see it, fromFetch wraps the native fetch in an observable that handles cancellations for you.

The subscribe is bound to the entire observable that precedes it (after the fromFetch some additional transformations are applied).

Having said that, I'm not on expert of RxJs. For example, I'm not totally sure if the flatMap shouldn't have been a switchMap. I guess, in general, it's safer to use switchMap as a default when only one inner subscription should be active at once.