re: What sport/physical activity would you recommend to someone who's not super sporty by nature? VIEW POST

re: Hiking.

Although depending on where and what's on the program it might be a sporty thing.
But short hikes are definitely a good start 👍


lmao, no need to tackle a mountain or long distance out the gate. I take my daughter and partner for nature hikes no more than mile or mile an half. :)

Yeah definitely it would even be dangerous to do so. There are quite a lot of people won't don't realise that it takes practice to make long hikes :)

And I also completely agree on short hikes: any hike is good and refreshing

Woot!! Yeah, I thought I was fit enough when I tackled the multi-day hike through Haleakala Crater. It turned out pretty bad the first time, fortunately, I was with someone, rested an extra night, then hiked out the switchbacks. After that, I did more research finding out it was considered Expert level and had considerable hazard warnings, obviously altitude and terrain being among them. I also bought better equipment for longer hikes, better socks, shoes, hiking pack, water transport, tent... All got upgrades, I also worked out more and did more medium hikes before attempting it again.

Lmao, talk about learning the hard way.

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