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Full-stack dev who loves functional programming

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Software engineer (INSA - Rennes, France)


Senior Full-stack Engineer

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I'm looking for work!

#watercoolerAnyone attending AWS summit online?

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Testing and documenting your APIs with Vim-Rest-Console

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Reviewing PR from Vim: Critiq.vim

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Hacktober: From Exercism to elm-pages

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The day I decided to learn DBext.vim

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The interesting case of the `/remind` command in slack

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#watercoolerHas anyone tried pixel art with their GH profile?

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#discussMy 5 late ideas for the 'Blog More' challenge on CNC2018

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A few more steps with Elm: Mdl, architecture and "local" update

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Why is there no need for Multicase matching in Elm

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To all JS dev, please use Standard!

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Hi, I'm Leo Jeusset

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Getting started with Elm

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