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Discussion on: A beginner’s journey into software development in Nigeria.

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This is a very short and detailed story of the newbie dev journey here in Nigeria which is really disheartening. The environment is set up to make you fail in whatever endeavors you want to do, still you find determined individual scale through all the hurdles. But in the process of finding the ropes, the issue of data and power is the two biggest hurdle you will face. I started this journey 2020 immediately after I finished my degree last year, it has been frustrating but the "why" is the only energy pushing me not to give up. One of the way I was able to overcome the data challenge was by downloading PDF books. After each chapter, I practice all the syntax and solve the exercise on my PC then I move to the next chapter, bit by bit you'll gain more than you can imagine. PDF books are free and reduces the money you'll spend on data for watching YouTube videos or online courses. I've read about four different textbooks on JavaScript alone which has really helped me along the way. In reading those big books and absorbing at least 70% of the information, it means you've already established for yourself a solid foundation which will help you to grab the application of some syntax when watching YouTube videos or other online courses. For the power, I was lucky to have a system that can hold 5 hours battery power when fully charged, so I practice on it everyday for at least 4 hours, which so far has been so fruitful. Then after I've read all what is to be read. I only need constant practise, with the help of vidmate I will download those YouTube videos so I can watch anytime I feel like going back to it. Fortunately for me, I am a graphic designer, so I have the skills to earn some extra cash, which I later used to sort out some bills. In all, we just have to find a way, that's the Nigerian spirit...the government are not ready to do nothing, they're only interested in your milestone achievement, the shameless idiot will call you for pictures after you've arrived. And that does not mean they won't later enact policies to frustrate new tech start-ups. Coding is hard, but the Nigeria government will make it an hellish journey. Stupid set of old fools.