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This was a great post Sam. I was publishing an article here today which I had already published to my company website about how to import images into React components, and I used the word directory 99% of the time. However, originally I decided to use the word "folder" instead to shake things up. right before I read your piece I was wondering whether using folder as well would prove confusing. After I read this, I realized that it could be. I write about code a lot and articulate my experiences in articles as well. I always want to make sure that I state things clearly and as simply as possible so that everyone at every level can understand. And besides, just because someone might be very experienced does not mean that they will necessarily follow your explanation. In addition, they might still find a particular topic difficult. I will be taking your advice here to heart for other things. Totally makes sense and extremely helpful. Thanks!


Glad I could help! Yes, consistency of terms is important, and try to use the term from the specific domain. I'm not a react dev, but if "directory" is the term most commonly used, go with that!

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