I "Love" Anti-patterns

Levi Albuquerque on June 09, 2018

Everyone talks about design patterns, but getting to know the other side of the force can be as enlightening as visiting the old good friends. I ... [Read Full]
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I like to refer to a particular combination of lava flow + ball of mud as the "Katamari anti-pattern." Everyone just adds whatever classes, libraries and even frameworks they want to solve every little problem encountered as the project snowballs along with no real thought towards architecture, duplication, code standards or the eventual unmanageable spaghetti-code dependency hell it will become.


Nice name "Katamari anti-pattern" :) It's interesting how these things keep popping up in projects right?


Nice article. It could be a great start to book "Design Anty-Patterns". Who knows, maybe it would be so popular as GoF "Design Patterns"


Some parts of your code become obscure as you don't actually know how they work.

THIS. I copied some code once for a JS slider game and was then asked why I'd done it like that. It was embarrassing. Plus when I actually understood the code it made me a better developer.


Exactly! We can learn a lot from copy and pasting, we just need to take some time to understand the code :)
Thanks for reading ;)


My favorite term for the gold plating phenomenon is "Polishing the turd". This is very useful in those drag out meetings you mention as in "STOP! we are just polishing the turd". It may be construed negatively though. So use with caution. Are you comparing your product to a turd? Or just using a delightful metaphor to move things the along. :D


Nice article.

I can't say more because I don't want to discover how much guilty I am of these patterns 😂


Very nice article!
But imho "Copy and paste programming" is a subset of "Big ball of mud"


It is indeed :) I just highlighted because it's so common :)
Thanks for the reading!

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