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Levi Sharpe • Edited

It's been really neat to see this project grow and unfold. It was also really amazing how each DEV team member, even the much, much less technical ones like me, were given the opportunity to really collaborate on what this thing would look like, and not just from an aesthetics and functionality level, but from a values and ethics standpoint. I couldn't be more proud of the DEV team, and am excited to see what communities y'all build in the future. Hit me up if you make anything related to banjos, podcasts, art/sculpture, biking, or cocktails 😊

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Vaidehi Joshi

Uhhhhh YES I would like an invite to the cocktail community

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Ben Halpern Author • Edited

Let's get the party going


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Lisa Sy (she/her)

Levi, you could totally start those communities :)

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Levi Sharpe

True, I could make it for me and for 'em.

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Jacob Herrington (he/him)

for 'em

netflix, get this person a special