React SSR with PHP and WordPress

Wenchen Li (Neo) on March 14, 2019

I am looking for a solution that use React for the font-end and WordPress for the backend with the following requirements: No static rendering ... [Read Full]
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Hmm, you’re kind of crippling yourself here because React and Nodejs play great with each other.

There are other methods to do SSR with php but I would call them kind of hacky


If you don't want a SPA and also you don't want client side render, why would you choose react?
Have you thought about using other front-end technology?


well React is what the team is good at and used to, and I don't think we would move away from it...
and also I wouldn't say React is just for client-side SPA even though that's what a big portion of the people are using it for.
moreover, I think we are still aiming for a SPA, what I meant is just not the classic SPAs where you get a blank page as a response no matter the routes,.
but really appreciate you helping! thanks a lot!

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