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Save Outlook Emails

On GitHub: SaveOutlookEmails


Save and backup Outlook accounts and items (emails, appointments, attachments etc.) onto local drive.


In my Outlook only the last three months of emails are available offline, the rest are archived and moved into my Online Archive - account. Even when connected to the network the archived account only shows the first 200 odd characters of an email body and no attachments are available. This means that Outlook search won’t find anything from archived account.

My solution to this problem is to save all emails from all accounts onto my desktop where I can perform search in Windows Explorer: search within emails body and in attachments.


SaveOutlookEmails saves accounts from Outlook onto a desktop folder.

  • Keep offline emails up-to-date date: autorun SaveOutlookEmails when Outlook starts (at start of Outlook Enable Macros when prompted with 'Microsoft Office has identified potential security concerns.')
  • Save archived accounts: run SaveOutlookEmails on selected folder (will take a while, run it at lunch time or at night, see more under Warnings)

Outlook's folder structure is kept the same and files are named with date-time prefix and shortened subject.

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