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Hey folks - for anyone who's joined the leader board so far - I have a question!

So there are two main ways to sort our leader board, and I'm wondering which option would be best for us.

Option 1 - It counts how many people belong to the leader board (n), then the first user to get each star gets N points, the second gets N-1, and the last gets 1.

Option 2 - It counts how many stars you have, and then any ties are broken by the time you got the star. So if everyone gets all of the stars, the ones who get them the fastest are higher up.

I think either way is likely fine, but feel like maybe the star sort option might be best - it seems like it would encourage completion of the challenges more so than simply getting them done fastest, but still includes some speed needed to be higher up. Would love to hear some other thoughts on this, and whichever option seems most popular is what I'll sort it by!


I like option 2 a bit better. I'd rather see the people that manage to solve the more complicated problems at the top than those who solved the first few problems the fastest.

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