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Live From INTERACT: Engineering Leadership Screwups

Have you ever had to manually book 50,000 flights because you rushed to deliver new features on your product?

In this episode of the Dev Interrupted podcast, we asked some of our favorite engineering leaders if they could share memorable stories of professional mistakes with our audience.

The great thing about opening up about past mistakes is that it normalizes failure. All of us will make decisions that we come to regret - the best we can do is learn and grow from them. This is especially true of people in leadership positions who are responsible for managing teams.

In what will be the last podcast episode to feature excerpts from our INTERACT engineering leadership conference, Conor Bronsdon, Dev Interrupted Community Leader, presents a three-part interview he performed for audiences at INTERACT.

We applaud Luca Rossi, Head of Engineering at Translated; Shweta Saraf, Senior Director of Engineering at Equinix; and Chris Downard, VP of Engineering at GigSmart, for their candid, open responses about professional moments of failure.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • The difference between agile and underdeveloped
  • How to be honest with yourself when you a mistake
  • Adapting to change as new information becomes available
  • Inspiring your team after you make an unpopular decision

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Top comments (5)

nobilitypnw profile image

Luca's story is awesome: "It wasn't agile, it was just poorly thought" lol.

conorbronsdon profile image
Conor Bronsdon

If you haven't check out his newsletter I really recommend it. Solid guy

cmcclannahan profile image

Normalizing opening up about mistakes in your job is a good thing, hopefully we can see more like this in the future

devinterrupted profile image
Dev Interrupted

Great job guest hosting this week Conor!

conorbronsdon profile image
Conor Bronsdon

It was my pleasure!