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Although I’m not looking forward to becoming a DevOps guy, I recognize the extreme significance of having a team of DevOps within an organization so that us developers should never have to deal with operations, deployments, configuration management or change management.

This is the exact opposite of DevOps, which mandates the shared ownership of all these things by ops and developers. If an organization is practicing DevOps, developers should be heavily involved in all the items you listed.

"DevOps" is not a role, it's a methodology. What you've described is a traditional sysadmin role.


This comment is correct. If you have a devops role or org, you are doing dev/opsdev/ops. This isn't necessarily bad, though. This can be viewed as a first step in a journey to the end goal of forming true devops teams, and creation of SRE teams.


Chris doesn't a methodology relates to practice thus relates to a job responsibility aka concrete, actionable steps someone can take toward implementing or improving a DevOps culture in their work environment?


This is what I was getting at: You cannot hire a "DevOps" in the same way that you cannot hire an "Agile" or a "Waterfall".

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