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Lisa Dziuba
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Our first company got acquired: Flawless App joins Abstract!

Today we’re extremely proud to announce that Flawless App has joined Abstract, a design delivery platform that brings visibility, accountability, measurability, and predictability to design.

Like us, Abstract believes in bringing design and development closer together.

Flawless App was our first company.

We started it back in April 2015, when design/developer collaboration was far from perfect. We wanted to change that. And with a simple mission — help teams deliver products faster — we jumped right in.

The last 5 years have been fun, challenging, and unbelievable.

After numerous trials and errors, we launched our first product — Flawless App. Now, it’s used by thousands of mobile engineers all over the world to compare the expected design with the real app right inside the dev environment and stop visual bugs on the fly. We remained bootstrapped as we pursued developing more products and got our first funding in summer 2018 to move even faster.

We made Reduce for compressing huge Sketch files, Flawless Feedback for commenting on real-life iOS apps and invested a lot of love and time into community-driven initiatives.

Our Medium blog, Flawless iOS, which we started in 2016, gave more than 200 developers an opportunity to share their knowledge with the community. Our open-source collection of Awesome Design Tools, plugins, UIKits, have helped thousands of people empower their workflows. And Design Tools Weekly, an email-based course, kept cultivating design knowledge among the tech community.

Our team continued to build and grow while remaining small — just 5 people. But our ambitions were much bigger. We felt that with the right partner, we would be able to do even more.

So after many thoughtful conversations with the Abstract team, we saw a complete alignment in our visions on how design and development should look like. The future of design is open and collaborative, and we’re excited to build it together.

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported us throughout our startup journey. Our customers, users, followers, investors, and most importantly, our friends and family — all of you made this real.
Of course, Flawless couldn’t have happened at all without the team of brilliant people who genuinely believe in our mission.

So what’s next?
Our team has joined Abstract and is focused on building out the Abstract SDK, bringing developers’ experience forward. One unbelievable journey has finished and the new one has just begun. Stay tuned for updates.

We’re just getting started.

Lisa & Ahmed,
Flawless App co-founders


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Andrew Chersky

Congratulations! It's a celebration! 🥳

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Nico S___


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Valia Havryliuk

I am so excited! Keep rocking 🚀

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Vladimir Berezovsky

YES! We did it TEAM!🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

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Ahmed Sulaiman

Really proud of the team! Such amazing news 🔥