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I understand that currently tools are built that come as a layer on top of kubernetes, or am I wrong and you must to do this kind of deploy with kub knowledge?


There definitely are tools to manage Kubernetes clusters (Rancher being one of them). Another important service that you could look into is also the Web-UI (also known as Dashboard, see GitHub repository), which runs on the Kubernetes cluster itself and provides a nice web-based UI for monitoring and managing the k8s cluster.

On top of that, there are other services that work similarly to Kubernetes such as AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) which allow you to deploy containerised applications without the need to configure clusters or servers they would run on. Essentially, ECS abstracts the whole infrastructure layer away, but as we all know this has several tradeoffs. Personally, I've found it significantly cheaper to run an entire cluster on AWS using kops as opposed to ECS, but for me the extra complexity of configuring the clusters was not a problem. For those who wish to just deploy their application, this might be a very viable option.

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