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Discussion on: I launched my first product - and it's horrible

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Liyas Thomas • Edited

Just some tips for monetizing:

  • Allow users do what they came for (ie. to create resume upfront) without login / signup.
  • Tease them with their result (ie. generated resume) as a PNG preview / watermarked PDF / only first page etc.
  • Allow them to pay $5 per one export or a limited ($20 for 5 exports in a month) / unlimited exports in a month ($40). Create tires.
  • Only sign up if they're willing to pay. Drop a newsletter prompt with a nice, relative content.
  • Make it easy to share web site among their friends (prompt users to share).
  • Add a "Donate" button at generated resume page - if user find it's helpful, they might donate you.
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Tomas Sheers

I disagree with this point about teasing. I think teasing with a preview or watermarked PDF is a good way to alienate the users into searching for something else, especially if they take time providing the details.

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Liyas Thomas

Good one. I got the point. Then don't tease them with the first export. Let users download first 1 or 2 exports for free. Charge them after they exceeds a limit.