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I launched my first product - and it's horrible

After programming for about 6 months I launched what I considered to be my first "real" product, Stop Job Hunting. It's a resume builder that is based off a place I used to work.

(Only ever meant to be a demo product please don't sue me.)

I'm proud of two things.

  • It actually works. You can go through, build a resume, and it spits out a PDF.
  • I learned a ton of new technical concepts by building it.

After spending well over a hundred hours and thousands of lines of code, I finally launched it into the world, and the world quickly told me about all of the bugs.

I decided I wanted to push forwards with other projects, and that I had succeeded by launching my MVP.

Before I laid it to rest however, I wanted to just write down some of the interesting technical parts of this project.

React, Node, Express

The client is built entirely in React, with the backend in Node & Express. I have been programming in React since almost day 1, but I built a server for the first time maybe a month before this project.

MongoDB + Mongoose

The database itself was built using MongoDB + Mongoose, both services that I had never used before.

Custom Auth System

I was very tempted to use 0Auth or another service to handle the authentication for me, but I ended up building it from scratch myself.

Hack My Resume

This project pivoted around an NPM library called Hack My Resume which takes a json string and can turn it into a resume.

Vercel + Heroku

The client is hosted on Vercel and the server is hosted on Heroku. I had used Vercel to host most of my projects because I had never really used a server before - it was my first time using Heroku.

Docker Containers

Another thing I realized I had never done before, is use an NPM library that wasn't "saved" in the local project, but on the computer. This meant that when I tried to push my project to production that Hack My Resume wouldn't actually work.

To fix this I used Docker Containers to hold my server, which I was then able to install Hack My Resume onto.


If for whatever reason you are sadistic enough to look at the code you can check it out below.

Server =>
Client =>

Cheers :)

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liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas • Edited

Just some tips for monetizing:

  • Allow users do what they came for (ie. to create resume upfront) without login / signup.
  • Tease them with their result (ie. generated resume) as a PNG preview / watermarked PDF / only first page etc.
  • Allow them to pay $5 per one export or a limited ($20 for 5 exports in a month) / unlimited exports in a month ($40). Create tires.
  • Only sign up if they're willing to pay. Drop a newsletter prompt with a nice, relative content.
  • Make it easy to share web site among their friends (prompt users to share).
  • Add a "Donate" button at generated resume page - if user find it's helpful, they might donate you.
reritom profile image
Tomas Sheers

I disagree with this point about teasing. I think teasing with a preview or watermarked PDF is a good way to alienate the users into searching for something else, especially if they take time providing the details.

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas

Good one. I got the point. Then don't tease them with the first export. Let users download first 1 or 2 exports for free. Charge them after they exceeds a limit.

tilakmaddy_68 profile image
Tilak Maddy

hey dude I was just wondering if is like a real business (and how much $$$ you make ?). Becoz I was actually thinking of making a such a thing and you seem to have experience of how the market responds
Thanks 🙏 😊

kobyconrad profile image
kobyconrad Author

Hey man!

We are a real product for sure, my brother is the main engineer (he's actually been coding for like 10 years). We're a well funded startup but currently pre revenue. Hoping to get our v2 launched into production by the end of the month here. :)

I like to think I have decent expertise in growing products, getting funded, and general startup life so ask away if I can be any help there man.

messerli90 profile image
Michael Messerli

Looks like a great product. The video on the landing page is a nice personal touch.

We're in a similar space, I just launched JobHuntBuddy last moth. I'm really interested with resume builders and may look into building one down the line.

As Liyas mentioned: Allowing guests to enter their details and generate a preview before registering would a great onboarding strategy. Especially with how much time it takes to fill out a complete resume, they'll be so invested in your product already I predict a decent conversion rate.

Keep it up & Good luck!

leob profile image

But why is it horrible then? (fantastic title BTW, sure to gain attraction)

reijovosu profile image


I did check your code. On the react side:
Perhaps it's better to use reacts CSS modules. Like I have in here:
This will separate your CSS and keeps it clean.

I also suggest using useContexts for server communication. For login, save ... etc. On my sudoku, I have been using it to keep game data. This is a good pattern to keep business logic away from view.

samuelojes profile image
DGAME • Edited

Awesome this is really going to help me, currently working on a project similar for education purpose too, having a hard time with React.

tirthaguha profile image
Tirtha Guha

The first thing I noticed is you have checked in your node_modules in the github repos.
You have the package.json to reconstruct the node modules, you should not commit them.

kobyconrad profile image
kobyconrad Author

Oh yeah lol it's a Frankenstein.

If you are feeling particularly sadistic check it out on safari. I'm pretty sure it's only half way decent on chrome. Haha

christensen143 profile image
Chris Christensen

You should be proud of this. You did a lot of great work and sharing the code is going to help a lot of other developers. Congrats!

pranavm62558007 profile image
pranav more

I came here from twitter ..
You can't say it is horrible product
It is way better
good luck