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Reactjs Springboot CRUD Mysql



Tutorial: SpringBoot + React + MySQL: SpringBoot React.js CRUD Example

In the tutorial, I introduce how to build an “SpringBoot React.js CRUD MySQL Example” project with the help of SpringData JPA for POST/GET/PUT/DELETE requests with step by step coding examples:

– SpringBoot project produces CRUD RestAPIs with MySQL database using the supporting of Spring Data JPA.
– React.js project will consume the SpringBoot CRUD RestAPIs by Ajax then show up on Reactjs component’s views.

List to do:

– I draw a fullstack overview Diagram Architecture from React.js Frontend to MySQL database through SpringBoot RestAPI backend.
– Develop SpringBoot CRUD RestAPIs with the supporting of SpringWeb Framework.
– Implement Reactjs CRUD application with Ajax fetching APIs to do CRUD request (Post/Get/Put/Delete) to SpringBoot Backend APIs.
– I create a testsuite with a number of integrative testcases with CRUD RestAPI requests from Reactjs to do CRUD requests to SpringBoot RestAPIs Server and save/retrieve data to MySQL database.

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