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Like the site! Like the colours and animations used, also very clear. Favourite bit are the icons for the skills and tools section :) Also - have you used GitHub Pages for hosting? - If so, would you recommend? I'm currently doing a portfolio site for myself and wondering if worth it. Only suggestion is to check grammar in your about section.


Thanks Lorna, and yes I've used gh pages for hosting the website, I didn't want to bother with getting a new domain and fiddling around with SSL, gh pages is a good solution and there aren't any downsides that I can see. I think you should try that , if u get stuck u can hit me up :). Also English is not my first language, so sorry for the grammar I'll fix it ASAP thanks a lot :)


Netlify is a great alternative when GitHub Pages just won't cut it. For example, GitHub only accepts certain gems for jekyll sites, and their react support is a bit shaky iirc. I actually use netlify for my personal site.

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