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DreamBox Learning is hiring Senior Software Development Engineer

About Us

For more than a decade we’ve been adapting, innovating and collaborating to shape new learning possibilities for over 2 million kids and 75,000 teachers. Our mission is to inspire all students to think differently about math and love it. We have a creative and fun office environment (foosball table, awesome coffee, dog and kid-friendly) and a work-life-balanced company culture that acknowledges hard work while encouraging innovation and professional growth.

Our award-winning online math software is a pioneer in the EdTech space, and we continue to be at the forefront of the industry. Our adaptive technology, rigorous curriculum, and game-like environment work together to provide a unique learning experience that’s like no other.

About The Opportunity

We are an Agile shop, and our team is made up of a diverse group of self-motivated, passionate, and adaptive software engineers. Our Interactive Software Development Engineers create and implement interactive designs for students to experience on desktops and tablets. We are seeking to add a new senior member to the team—someone with technical and people leadership skills, and strong desire to grow with the company and improve the lives of children and learning guardians.

A typical day in this position involves working with engineers, artists, UI/UX designers, and teachers, to create, deliver and support high-quality software. You will be designing and building interactive components to provide a rich and engaging experience for students to explore and master mathematical concepts.

We are seeking someone with a passion for learning, not afraid of challenges, and a knack for solving hard problems. We are changing the lives of students, teachers, and families with our software, and you will play a critical role in expanding and supporting the content and platform that are at the heart of our product offering.

We work on the cutting edge of a lot of technologies. We need someone who is a creative problem solver, resourceful in getting things done, and productive working independently and collaboratively. Successful interactive software development engineers at DreamBox are highly-motivated and productive coders with a strong background in Object Oriented Programming and an appreciation for smooth animations, elegant UI, tasteful transitions, game mechanics, and steady frame rates. They also have experience with a variety of client-side platforms and technologies and have collaborated to ship software successfully.

This person will take on the following responsibilities:

  • Create content for our DreamBox Learning experience.
  • Help us improve our software platform.
  • Operate in a collaborative development environment.
  • Help us refine development processes and strategies.
  • Deliver quality work to meet our deadlines.
  • Support and maintain released software.
  • Grow into a technical and people leader.

Skill & Qualifications

  • 5+ years of professional programming experience.
  • Recent and extensive working knowledge in designing and implementing interactive software.
  • Expertise in writing and cross-browser web applications.
  • Extensive working knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Experience with client-server technologies, like REST, HTTP, JSON.
  • Experience implementing designs for a user experience across desktop and tablet devices.
  • Solid understanding of the DOM and Canvas.
  • Front-end debugging experience using tools such as Charles Web Proxy, Firebug and - Chrome developer tools.
  • Self-motivated and passionate about software engineering and technology.

How To Apply

Click here to apply

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section.

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Plur Son

Hi Lorenzo, does this person need to be in person or is remote only okay?