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This post made me smile! 😊 Thank you for your insights, I think your advice can apply to any kind of feedback in life OR the internet haha!

(In fact I shall try to remember it next time someone tailgates or cuts me up at a roundabout... some people just want to watch the world burn.)


Thank you Laura!

I don't know if it 100% applies in real life though. If there is no danger, I think it's perfectly okay to ignore a rude person - this will make your day better without causing you any problems.
But if there is danger or risk, I wouldn't be the best person to give advice on that. Take care!:)


No I don't know - perhaps not ignore a person completely per se, but I think there's certainly an argument to pick and choose what you listen to with other people. I think you made a good point:

Some people just want to be negative

In this case there is nothing to take away from them - and if criticism is coming from a negative place that isn't constructive, then it says a lot more about what they need to work on rather than what you need to :)

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