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Discussion on: The dangers of async/await

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async/await are (almost) syntatic sugar for the plain-old Promise API, you could accomplish the same "blocking" behaviour using promise1().then(promise2).then(promise3) and so on, thus this is not a problem with async/await syntax per-se, IMO.

One using await should first know about the Promise API, so it'll know better how to use it

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Christopher Kade Author

Absolutely, and even when knowing these tools some developers tend not to prioritize parallel executions for some reason. A colleague said the same thing as you after reading it, and it's very pertinent.

Thanks Luciano !

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I would suggest you to write a post of "How to parallelize your work with async/await". There's a nice feature that is something like:

const p1 = promise1()
const p2 = promise2()
const r1 = await p1
const r2 = await p2

If I'm not mistaken, this way you 1) use async/await, what's really nice 2) let the promises run right-away

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Promise chains are a problematic solution, as each '.then' produces another promise. What happens if an earlier 'then' throws and there's no catch or other error handling? Memory leak