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Discussion on: What should I do when I get hit on by colleagues?

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Luc Fournier


That's not an easy question, the context, the company's culture and the mindset of the two people are important for such problem.

I will assume that you started a few weeks ago, and it has not been too far.

The only advice I would give is: keep it professional.

Do not disclose anything private about yourself. Sometime you can get "trapped" in group discussion, and people will ask you something private. Just laugh and respond something obviously wrong.

If people send you invitation through Facebook, reject them. Send them another one through LinkedIn instead.

Read, read, read, a lot, about anything. Read until you're able to start a conversation with almost anyone about anything that interest them. When people talk to you at work, ask them to talk about their current projects. And talk about yours. Talk about anything technical that you have read and you would like to share.

Keep it professional :)