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Hi, all! I'm Lucy from the USA, and after I got my BS/IT degree I started as a tester/documenter. I tracked test results in dBASE III, and then my boss brought me a new tool - Access, and it was Windows-based - ooh! I then went through VBA and VB and have been working in C#/WinForms and C#/MVC for a few years. I still love solving puzzles as a career, and getting to help make other people's jobs easier so they can go home on time.

When I'm not coding, I sing with a local women's chorus. Now I'm the music librarian, and have build a Windows application that tracks seasons, songs, singers, attendance, and who has what copies of which songs. I've also started an MVC app for the same data, so I can take attendance on my phone. Sooo... what is this "non-coding" you speak of? :)

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