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Discussion on: Writing an API with Deno

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Luis Nores

Hi great article, it looks very promising Mandarine.TS. I try to create a simple endpoint by following your instructions and i got these errors:
Fatal error [
Error: Another accept task is ongoing
at unwrapResponse ($deno$/ops/dispatch_json.ts:42:11)
at Object.sendAsync ($deno$/ops/dispatch_json.ts:93:10)
at async ListenerImpl.accept ($deno$/net.ts:63:17)
at async Server.acceptConnAndIterateHttpRequests (server.ts:212:14)
at async MuxAsyncIterator.callIteratorNext (mux_async_iterator.ts:30:31)
I clone your repo and try to run the app and also i got the same error. Do you know if a miss something. My deno version is
deno 1.1.2
v8 8.5.216
typescript 3.9.2