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Everywhere I used to use Python, and I have a choice, I now use Go.

The primary reasons I can see for sticking with Python:

Shell scripting - when you want to run a script from a shell, rather than an executable. Go has a few limitations that get in the way of making this easy.

Python might have libraries not yet available with Go.

You’re working with an existing Python code base, and not planning on making many changes.

Go gives you:

Powerful concurrency tools

Static type checking, and duck-typing form of interface support

Powerful developer tooling

Fast execution, with low memory footprints

Fantastic compatibility guarantees

A simple, concise language

Essentially the same line-count (I’ve tested this by rewriting code in Go that I previously wrote in Python, and it ended up effectively the same.)

If you have the chance to choose, I recommend to choose go.

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