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re: "Companies are looking for top talent " that sounds like an idea from people having not recruited much... Companies can only recruit real people fr...

Hi olivvv, thanks for the feedback. I rewrote my article in an attempt to communicate my thoughts in a more positive way. I totally agree that not every role is the same, I think what I really wanted to say was that a CV should focus on the candidate's unique experience and it should give context to the tasks that they've done.

I think it depends on the role too - a senior developer probably wouldn't mention (reusing the same example) unit testing because at this point in her career, this is irrelevant. A junior dev on the other hand should definitely mention this kind of thing, and mentioning the impact is no bad thing imo.

I totally agree that being picky is not an effective way to recruit. Sticking to the facts is so important when finding a candidate to fit a role.

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