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Discussion on: Writing a Relevant CV

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"Companies are looking for top talent " that sounds like an idea from people having not recruited much...
Companies can only recruit real people from the real market, not dream unicorns.
You seem to think that every single dev company does scrum and has good unit test coverage. This is not true at all. Doing scrum and unit testing is a distinctive skill, even if you think that it is "normal".
So fr the balance on the market is still on favor of devs, there is no need for special luck to have the cv considered by a recruiter. I have seen many times stories were the recruiter of some small companies start nitpicking stuff on candidates CV, not realizing that the candidate was simultaneously talking to another company, ready to make a much bigger offer.
That how some companies fail to recruit during months. By being too picky, they pick nobody.

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Luke Barnard Author

Hi olivvv, thanks for the feedback. I rewrote my article in an attempt to communicate my thoughts in a more positive way. I totally agree that not every role is the same, I think what I really wanted to say was that a CV should focus on the candidate's unique experience and it should give context to the tasks that they've done.

I think it depends on the role too - a senior developer probably wouldn't mention (reusing the same example) unit testing because at this point in her career, this is irrelevant. A junior dev on the other hand should definitely mention this kind of thing, and mentioning the impact is no bad thing imo.

I totally agree that being picky is not an effective way to recruit. Sticking to the facts is so important when finding a candidate to fit a role.