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Discussion on: Problem Solving During Interviews For Anxious People

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Luke Switzer

As someone on both sides of this, there’s a reasonable stress level associated with certain activities, even those with no risk. We perform in this way while presenting official documents, etc.

Defeating anxiety begins with identifying it. At the first moment you feel it, tell yourself “yep, that’s anxiety, I can do that later” then continue, unfettered with the task.

Practice and fake it until you make it. Breathing is key, taking ten loud breaths before a code interview will make you and the interviewer more uncomfortable; breathing practice is an involved meditation technique we should use daily, not just when it’s too late.

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Maggie Author

All GREAT advice, and you're right. Interviewing is usually a stressful situation to begin with and sometimes you have to teach yourself how to manage the stress in that specific situation, in addition to preparing for the interview (lol)