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I owe everything to open-source from the day I refused to pay $45 for a new Windows license and installed Linux Mint on my computer having no clue what was going to happen when I hit that power button once more. That confusing night marks the beginning of my career as a software developer.

Do you work as a private contractor? How are you being remunerated for your work if it's open-source? I've always thought that open-source work was inherently not remunerated by anything other than donations.


I recommended my mom use Open Office because she couldn't afford MS but needed something.

Then I forgot, and I was excited to learn she's still using it years later along with other Apache software. Really neat.

To clarify the post, I'm currently working on dev.to full-time, which is all open source. (Or mostly, we have a few closed endpoints, like 500 lines of code total)

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