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Boosts for Programming

To Prepare for Coding Flows

I am currently experimenting with these and the ratio of these habits to coding. Although I do not keep metrics for that yet and I do not measure the short term benefits of these techniques.

Half an hour each, or so:
(I should time them more strictly!)

  1. Meditation
  2. Socialisation
  3. Reading
  4. Making/Blogging/Vlogging
  5. Taking a Nap
  6. Walk a 500 paces (or a mile) [400 m is usually enough to get an insight]
  7. Dance / Chillout to music
  8. Aerobic Exercise
  9. Anaerobic Exercise
  10. Analysis of Progress
  11. Code Review
  12. Mob programming
  13. Train typing
  14. Train n-back
  15. Practice shortcuts
  16. Down-time
  17. Study new things
  18. Experiment with a toy project
  19. Test yours skills with coding snippets
  20. Journalling

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