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Staying to long on a project I didn't want in the first place.

I have always been more interested in UI in general, be it web front-end or desktop GUIs. My very first project ended up being DB/back-end(MS Access/SQL Server) on 10 year old tech, ALONE. I did have someone in an advisory position, he was a DBA, but he was always busy on his main project. I did build them a SPA to test the waters in upgrading but it took so long as I didn't have a proper mentor for the web.

2 months in to my next project, having a proper mentor, I could rewritten that SPA in half the time and twice the quality.

Part of my problem was I had issues with questioning authority, but I've realized, as part of a team they sometimes need to be questioned to:

  1. make sure you understand their vision to correctly implement it.
  2. make sure they understand their vision to know if it's truly what they want.
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