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Learn R Programming from Scratch: Day 1 Install on Windows

Like many of my office friends I have decided to learn R language. So why sudden need for the R? I am into front end and testing for some time. But these days that's just not enough. My company has decided to get into the data set. And they are training lot of interns and existing employees on data science. It seems like data is new direction for many companies in the social media and the analytics specific companies.

My only issue however is that unlike most of my seniors, I have Windows to use at workplace. And as per current HR announcement we are not going to be switching to linux or mac any time soon. So my first step towards the R is starting with the Install R and RStudio in Windows. And here I have like two choices. One is to install the Cran R and RStudio.


This is the official place from where you can download R. You get one console binary and one simple editor. Either way you choose to run the script works. This is free to download unlike Rstudio which has one premium version too. If you use this then you'll understand how to download the packages from scratch which is much more simple with Rstudio than official R installer. I'd recommend CRAN-R if your company does not want to use Rstudio.

RStudio Windows


Rstudio is the best IDE you can use on Windows for learning R. Currently we are not using it in the company for no idea what reason. If you happen to know any reason why any company would not allow employees to use Rstudio do let me know. You have free version and premium server version for download. You can learn How to install RStudio on Windows. I think if you want simplicity then compared to CRAN R, this looks lot better.

So my current approach is to learn this from script level instead of REPL. I have however downloaded Rstudio at home. And it seems like much better and comfortable to use. I am now on to try some of the generic tutorials on the web and I'll write about my journey as I try some of those examples. Do let me know how you learned R and how you approached this language while learning data science.

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